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Class descriptions

Nursery Ballet (ages 3-4)

This class introduces the young child to the art of creative dance in a nurturing and inspiring environment. Spatial awareness, movement, basic rhythm, mime, coordination and locomotion skills are developed.

Pre-primary & Primary ballet (ages 4-6)

Instilling a love and appreciation for the art of dance, this class lays the foundation for the development of the future ballerina and danseur. Basic ballet vocabulary is introduced and strength, flexibility and musicality as it relates to classical ballet technique are developed.

Ballet grades 1-6

The school follows the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus from Pre-primary to Advanced. Examinations take place at the end of each term. The training follows a sound curriculum, which guides the dancer through a methodical process of technical advancement. The student develops strength, flexibility and movement quality with attention to correct body placement, and development of line and grace as demanded by the classical discipline.

Ballet – Intermediate and Advanced

Pointe work is added to the curriculum and emphasis is placed on the development of strength, speed and proficiency in preparation for entry to a full time dance college at the age of 16 or 18.

Modern Theatre Dance

The ISTD syllabus is studied to advanced level and a variety of dance skills are developed in a fun and lighthearted environment.


Students are exposed to a variety of movement & musical genres & rhythms, to increase their movement vocabulary and versatility.


Students learn the art of traditional tap in a fun and motivating environment. Students gain recognition of different rhythms and develop overall body coordination.


Preparation for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) examinations and regular performances on stage. Students learn to speak clearly, gain self-confidence and express themselves with assurance.

Singing and Musical Theatre

Our group singing lessons help students to build confidence and to realise their singing abilities and potential. Students are able to work on breathing techniques, range extension, diction and how to enhance tone quality. Classes commence with a vocal warm up, before student go on to develop the key singing skills and learn how to achieve a good quality vocal performance. Over time, there will be opportunities to perform in harmony and  to perform solos and duets.

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